Hey, welcome to my website! Let me just start off by saying, thank you for taking the time to read this, even though you likely don’t have any clue who I am! :)

But seriously, I really appreciate it, and I hope you find the content on this site interesting or helpful in some way.

Who am I

Well, the title I have is sometimes referred to as Software Developer, Coder, Programmer, Techie, Nerd or as I refer to it nowadays… Software Engineer. Sounds fancy right??! Well yeah, that’s what I do and I love it!

I really started programming in College. I say really, because one time in middle school, maybe high school, I opened up a C++ book I came across and tried to follow the instructions. It was how to write “Hello, world!” and I was stuck on downloading the suggested IDE on our family computer, some old, used Windows desktop. Bad experience and didn’t get to see code again until my Sophomore year of college.

From then on, I was hooked! It was Java, but I was still interested in learning this new magical thing called programming. A few internships, a Computer Science degree and a baby later, I accepted an offer to work at Raytheon as a Software Engineer. There I worked on Signals Intelligence applications. This is where I was first introduced to container runtime environments like Docker and Rkt and also where I was introduced to Kubernetes.

After doing that for a year, I decided to work as a Software Engineer in another industry and switched over to Data Science and it’s applications in Advertising. I learned a lot about web scraping, selenium and it’s capabilities of mimicking web activity and how to use Azure’s AKS (their Kubernetes abstraction at the time) with Visual Studio Team Services (Microsoft’s CI/CD platform a.k.a. Azure DevOps). It was good experience in research, data analysis and leading projects and initiatives to completion.

Now, I work on the Billing Systems at DigitalOcean. Writing and maintaining the software that tracks which products a customer uses and the invoicing that takes that data and provides the customer with an accurate and timely invoice. The level of talent at DigitalOcean is amazing and it’s a fun and challenging environment to be in. I am constantly learning and improving myself and I am thankful to have the opportunity to do so.